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Hello everyone, I decided today to go to Omegle! I wanted to go back to a cat to make you an article a little like CocoLand or Cat NRJ .. But I wanted to change the game a little and try myself to another style of cat.

This is how I tried a .. ChatRoulette and especially that of Omegle! I think a lot of people already know at least that name.

I can already hear some crying wolf and tell me that it is not really a dating site .. However Omegle, at least its principle and its purpose at the base, is the meeting in person. Before going further in the advantages, disadvantages, give you my opinion and so on, let's go through a short story!

Omegle has absolutely nothing original! It is a French version of the famous site Chatroulette, which launched at the same time a fashion that to this day still works.
Basically, everything started when the New York Times and many other major magazines relayed and publicized the concept of chatroulette, which at the time was completely innovative! Good to date there is a good copy package, but only a few we knew and still know to stand out.

 And that's the case with Omegle. Who is one of the first in French version. Its main advantage in comparison to others lies in the fact that by connecting you are more likely to come across people who speak your language than the original version.

Launched in 2009 so as the leader (ChatRoulette), 6 years later, the site still works and the number of connections each day is almost amazing!

Why Use Omegle

  • For those who do not know yet and have missed the surge buzz of this site, Omegle is primarily a chat for dating.
  • The entire concept is based on the webcam and the random partner selection system.
  • So, after logging in, you just have to display your most beautiful profile & smile at the webcam, and start the roulette .. A bit like Russian roulette, where it goes or it breaks.
  • To image things, I would say that it's like in motus, we go with our eyes closed, we mix, we mix, and if we are lucky we draw the right ball, and otherwise well too bad for us!
  • Basically, we are all connected to the same server, and we all have the possibility to fall on one another and to enter conact through chat and video.


Registration, Login, How does it work?

Where this is bad, it is precisely, it's super simple .. Unlike a more classic dating site like Badoo or GeekMeMore, here you have no profile sometimes long and complex to complete.

A simple line to describe you, or describe your research and voila! However, it is possible to register and create an account. This is not mandatory, but it still allows some additional options, for example, to add a friend of some users of this chatroulette, and therefore to be able to reconcact.

Because let's forget that the principle of roulette is that it's random, and that as much as you can fall on someone today, but as much you could never fall back on it. And it's a shame, so create an account is very fast, and for those who do not know how to register on Omegle, go to the home page and in the right frame click on "create an account".

After which you start roulette, and it's done! It will not take you more than 2 minutes to already have the opportunity to chat with someone.

We are almost on speeddating! I say almost, because for a speeddating one has a time outs. Here we can discuss with who we want the time we want, just as we can zap at any time.


Forum, Blog, Search .. Options!

Good and in addition to the traditional webcam chat that is the basis of the site, Omegle also offers small games. So to relax, where if you do not necessarily go to meet a girl / guy or people, you can start a small part of typhoon with your interlocutor of the moment!

Some people come from elsewhere just for the purpose of playing the game of the tycoon and rank among the best players of Omegle!

Although without mandatory registration, I note that it is possible to create an account, and that in addition, this account gives you access to additional options, such as the possibility of forming a group of friends etc.


With or without webcam?

Well as you say, if you intend to use without your webcam it has no interest. It's a bit of the site's trademark and concept.
So even if it is not mandatory, it is still strongly recommended .. You can start the roulette, and click on deny the authorization of the webcam if you prefer not to show you.

But you also very well orient your cam to another room, an object or what I still know. But you'll see it's even more fun with it!


Application and / or Mobile Version?

If the site is available via computer or mac thanks to its web version, it is not on the other hand on mobile.
No application and no mobile version of the site either. However, it seems that this is in preparation, and that this happens in 2016!

While waiting to be able to carry it wherever you want, it will be enough to use it on his computer! (Well with portable computers there any way to access where you want! ^^)


Omegle Paying or Free?

As far as prices are concerned, there is something surprising for such a site, because it's completely free! In view of the number of connected each day, the site could brew a lot of money, but they opted for free as its American copy, and I think it is also one of the strengths that made the success of the site.

Of course, and you can imagine, nothing is really free. Thus, is financed through advertising. If it turns out to be quite discreet compared to other sites, it is still ubiquitous!

This same success is also due to the many humorous videos shot on the cat. In my opinion you must know some who are very famous as Steve Kardynal .. Some Youtubeur therefore become specialist, and Omegle is for them a playground. Parody music, scary costume, short jokes, it has a lot of video, and you just have to type "Omegle" on youtube to discover all the wonders.

I think you understand how Omegle works now. Let's go to the famous advantages and disadvantages that you expect so much!

The advantages (strong points)!

Well this time, I did not like WealCome, and I really tested the site to give me a concrete opinion on it.

I noticed a lot of benefits at Omegle, starting with the price! Which, as you know, matters a lot to me, and I think that is the case for many of us. As a reminder Omegle is available totally free of charge, with no hidden charges or any other kind.

Second advantage is that there is no need to create an account! And that's beautiful! Omegle makes me think a little about which works a bit like this! We must admit that some dating sites like Meetic, require us to fill and fill more information, even before we could surf a little on the site and take a look at the different profiles that we can cross.

Good in a sense it's a disadvantage too, but I talk about it later ..

Another highlight of Bazoo is its simplicity, we must admit, there are not many dating sites that put us in direct contact with someone without going through the seduction stage and others .. There we are direct against someone, so it's a good way if you want to see the world quickly.

Another strong point is that the chatroulettes are known all over the world! If bazoo is "French", it still reserves a fairly consistent community. At the same time, I said above that there was no need to register, but you should know that the possibility of doing so exists. However I suggest you to inform as little information as possible.

This registration opens you the doors to new options. Logic in a sense, since without account can not associate anything to a user. For those who wish to register, you would have access to a system of friends, like a social network, or geolocation allowing you to meet people near you!

Finally, bazoo cam is one of the fastest in terms of chat with webcam! God knows the number of resources this requires, and they have adapted their site / service to the number of users, and it's really not bad! And as a bonus, a team of moderators is constantly on the site to ensure that your visit is going at best.

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